Terms of Hire

Terms & Conditions of Hire from Games2Hire Ltd

  1. If the hirer (the person who hires the games, including dry hire) requires the games or equipment overnight, then an additional charge will also be incurred at the time of booking. If the hirer has arranged for collection to be made the next day, it must be known that Games2Hire may require access from as early as 6am that morning, as items may be needed for another event that day.
  2. Event bookings are only for 3 or 4 hours hire, dependent on the equipment required and location of the event, which will be confirmed during the booking enquiry stage. If the event timings exceed this, then the hirer can choose to pay extra for hire extension. If Games2hire arrive to collect equipment at the agreed time and are unable to take away the items due to access issues then the hirer will be invoiced accordingly.
  3. Any delivery and collection charges will be quoted at time of booking and included in the full hire charge. VAT is charged at the current rate. Generators are hired in and therefore carry an additional charge, as do certain sundries such as coconuts. The hirer must discuss these when enquiring or booking.
  4. Games2Hire are covered by £5 million public liability insurance as standard. Whilst this will insure that Games2Hire are fully covered in the event of a claim against the Company for negligence or faulty equipment, this will not offer the hirer full protection against the hirer or event management. For larger events, involving the general public, it may be advisable for the hirer to take out their own insurance to protect them against unforeseen incidents. For private events, particularly where no manning is required or paid for, the hirer needs to arrange adequate insurance to cover damage or personal injury.
  5. The hirer should be aware that some of our larger items will come with manning built into the price, although clarification on this can be obtained via our website or by phoning our office. If nothing is specified, yet manning is preferred, then this will incur an additional charge.
  6. If the games or other products hired are not manned by an employee of Games2Hire, a fully refundable deposit may be charged in case of any damage caused to the hired items whilst they are the responsibility of the hirer, the items must come back to us in the same condition they were sent in.
  7. Cancellations for any reason after booking and up to 8 weeks prior will lose their deposit of a total of 25% of the booking cost. Cancellations are charged at 100% of the total booking costs from 8 weeks prior to the event. This also refers to cancellations resulting in adverse weather or unsuitable set up conditions, as well as acts of God.
  8. The games and equipment are supplied by Games2Hire in good working order. If a game or piece of equipment has to be withdrawn from a booking due to unforeseen circumstances, then Games2Hire will liaise with the hirer (the person who hires the games) to discuss substitution where possible. However, if this is on the day of the booking, we will endeavour to provide a replacement or come to an agreement with the hirer. It is very difficult during a 3- or 4-hour booking to send someone to repair a game on site during an event. Repairs must not be attempted by the hirer unless agreed by Games2Hire.
  9. The hirer takes responsibility for the ongoing condition of the games whilst they are on hire, including performing regular safety checks on the equipment and how it is being used. Games2Hire is not to be expected to move the location of games and equipment once an initial set up has been achieved. Games2Hire staff must not be expected to carry or move heavy or awkward items too far from the van to the event location. If the hirer has any doubt, this must be checked at the time of booking. If it is discovered that, upon arrival at an event, unsuitable expectations are put on staff to carry heavy or awkward items too far, Games2Hire’s office must be made known and it may result in those games or activities not being put out – in a situation like this, the hirer is not eligible for a refund, likewise the hirer must not move any of the equipment during the hire otherwise it will invalidate any insurance we provide.
  10. The hirer must understand that it may not always be possible to provide cover or protection for rain or wind. This may affect the operation of certain games and activities. The hirer may prefer to organise an alternative location if the weather is too bad.
  11. Refunds will not be provided in such a situation that it is beyond the control of Games2Hire. If the event is on a large scale or has cost a considerable expense, the hirer may wish to consider event insurance to protect themselves against bad weather or acts of god.
  12. Delivery and collection times are arranged with the hirer prior to the event. Games2Hire is not accountable for delays in arriving to an event that are due to traffic or other unforeseen issues beyond the control of Games2Hire. Refunds will therefore not be given.
  13. Games2Hire has risk assessments for all games and equipment. These can be sent to the hirer at any time, upon request. Any health and safety and insurance documentation can be provided to the hirer upon request. It is the responsibility of the hirer to carry out a thorough risk assessment of their venue, event planning and siting of Games2Hire’s games and equipment and to ensure that the items hired comply with any health and safety regulations, company safety policies and/or conditions imposed by any official body.
  14. From the time of delivery to the time of collection, the hirer is responsible for the safe working and custody of the equipment including, but not limited to, theft, vandalism and fire. The hirer is responsible for all damage and loss, howoever sustained. The hirer will be responsible for total reimbursement to the owner at full retail prices if any loss or damage occurs. Upon completion of an event, just prior to Games2Hire collection, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that all items are gathered and ready. Any items that are lost or damaged will be invoiced accordingly to the hirer. This also applies to any game or equipment damaged through public disorder and the misuse of alcohol, for which the hirer will be charged.
  15. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure there is suitable access for the delivery and set up of all games and equipment. At the time of booking, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that matters such as access, siting, vehicle manoeuvrability, ground suitability are addressed. If Games2Hire arrive to an event that is clearly unsuitable for the equipment, then that equipment will not be set out and no refund will be given.
  16. If an inflatable or other game is required for an event, it is the hirer’s responsibility to ensure that there is enough space for the inflatable or game to be set up, along with space around to ensure optimum use. Please check website, but it is the responsibility of the hirer to liaise with Games2Hire office staff if more information is required than is shown on the website itself.
  17. The hirer is also responsible for making Games2Hire aware of any issues that could prevent the set up and use of any games and equipment, including (but not limited to) sloped surfaces, holes in the ground, uneven or bumpy surface, steps, slopes, gravel surfaces, obstructions, parked vehicles, locked facilities, empty locations, crowded venues, failure to do so could result in the cancellation of the entire booking without any refund.
  18. The hirer needs to be aware of the suitability of an indoor venue and the games required, especially referring to, but not limited by, sizing and dimensions. Games2Hire’s inflatables and games are designed for either indoor or outdoor use. There are some restrictions, such as the Giant Slide, for example, which cannot go on concrete as it must be pegged down at all times. Batak must also only be used indoors so the lights can be seen during play. The hirer needs to be aware of these issues or ask for more information at the enquiry and booking stage.
  19. It is the responsibility of the hirer to ensure that realistic portion or serving numbers are paid for prior to a booking. The hirer may wish to consider ordering extra portions to ensure enough food. Games2Hire needs accurate confirmations of numbers prior to the event to ensure adequate stock to cater fully, and to avoid unnecessary food wastage. If the power source is not close enough or powerful enough, then a generator may be required, for an additional charge.
  20. A 25% deposit is payable on receipt of the first invoice after hiring. The remaining 75% is payable no later than eight weeks prior to the event date. Payment must be made by bank transfer.
  21. Any faults or concerns during an event should be immediately notified to Games2Hire at 0330 118 0410 or info@games2hire.co.uk – We will not entertain any claims once the equipment has been picked up.
  22. These terms and conditions are agreed to at the point of signing the hire agreement either via the online booking form or via a copy sent to your email address. This legal binding contract shall be governed by English law.